Dr. Julia Sen

compassionate speaker
engaging workshop leader

Dr. Julia Sen guides you to lead with heart
and awaken your full potential

Helping top executives, entrepreneurs and parents implement the changes they want,
to become resilient and impactful leaders.

Dr. Julia Sen’s Energy Protocol

The Possibility Psychologist™ guide to reducing stress and feeling more energized in less than 15 minutes per day

Dr. Julia’s expertise and loving direction took me
on an emotional and awakening journey

Vince Pe, Chief Executive Officer, STRONG Fitness Magazine

Dr. Julia Sen understands us on and off the stage


I’m a Clinical and Counselling Psychologist and Creator of The Habit of Heart™. I’ve been working closely with clients for over 20 years. As a speaker I draw on this experience and deeply connect with my audience to take them on a journey of uncovering what blocks them and create new pathways for authentic change.

It is my personal mission to support and educate people on the path of self-transformation. Together we creatively unlock the innate wisdom within so that we can navigate life with greater ease and flow.

  • Overcoming Self-Sabotage
  • Empowering parents to understand and communicate effectively with their children
  • Awakening our Inner Child through The Habit of Heart™ practice
  • Navigating the rollercoaster of emotions through the fertility journey

Experience the magic of Dr. Julia Sen

What people are saying about Dr. Julia!

Within one hour she was able to transport us back into our childhood, connect to our young self, and gave us the tools to integrate them into our lives today. The group members spoke about it for days! If you are debating bringing Dr. Julia in to speak to your community, stop debating and do it!

Giovanni Marsico, Founder/CEO, Archangel, EMMY® Award-winning Producer

I knew I had to invite Dr. Julia Sen to speak at one of my Chalice mastermind sessions. She illustrated how we sabotage our own success when our insecurely attached inner child is activated and how to help that part of us feel secure again. Dr. Sen’s ability to turn a complex process into a simple practice and navigate questions with compassion created a safe space for group members to dive deep. My mastermind members and I loved every minute of it!

Dr. Stephanie Estima, Doctor of Chiropractic, Founder of Hello Betty and Creator of The Estima Diet™

I had a very powerful experience during Dr. Julia's group workshop. I have done a lot of inner child work with a variety of therapists, but there was something about the way Dr. Julia presented her concept that allowed both my mind and my heart to finally grasp what my precious inner child was missing. I highly recommend working with Dr. Julia. Game changer!!

Darius Bashar, HEARTshots™ Photographer + Founder

The goal was to provide a session on overcoming Imposter Syndrome to our mastermind group so when I invited Dr. Julia Sen as a guest, I knew she would give the team an amazing experience. But what I didn't expect was how much her session would impact us as the hosts...and the crazy thing is it was through a Zoom session.

Learning how to give our inner child a hug was a helpful practice to be kinder to ourselves. Doing a session like this as a group brought us closer together 🙂 and we all absolutely loved the Q & A afterwards - thank you Dr. Julia!

We’re genuinely excited for anyone that has the opportunity to work with her!

Jennifer Van Barneveld-Pe
STRONG Fitness Magazine

Vince Pe
Chief Executive Officer
STRONG Fitness Magazine

Parents and Principals

I was thrilled to have Dr. Sen speak with the Pierre Elliott Trudeau High School community on two occasions this year. Dr. Sen was professional, approachable, engaging and understood the needs of our families. I highly recommend her as a parenting specialist and guest speaker.

Lisa Wargo, Principal

I had the opportunity to hear Dr. Sen speak at a School Council event. She was so engaging, and parents had so many questions for her. Her approach and ability to connect with parents was inspiring and absolutely amazing. She just has a way of empathizing and understanding what parents are going through and dealing with and giving simple advice that parents can execute on. She was so well received that we invited her back again. I can't say enough great things about Dr Sen. I look forward to hearing her again!

Kariann Narain, School Council Chair

5 Reasons to book Dr. Julia


Dr. Julia shares a beautiful and supportive energy that allows everyone to feel safe, seen and welcomed.


It's like spending time with a good friend. Laughing and guiding, Dr. Julia will have you feeling at ease as she engages you with wisdom and joy!


Not only has Dr. Julia guided hundreds of individuals, entrepreneurs and families on their journeys...she has also experienced her own transformation. She knows the walk and she walks it well.


Dr. Julia has an incredible ability to think outside the box when it comes to solutions. Everyone involved walks away with awareness, tools and clarity on what comes next in their journey and how they came to where they are today.


Providing true empowerment for what is possible, Dr. Julia believes in you and your ability to transform the parts of your life that are ready to grow. She is after all, The Possibility Psychologist™.

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Dr. Julia has helped me shift from struggle and trauma to growth and resilience. She asks such insightful questions that have encouraged new, more positive thought patterns. She has helped me take ownership of my journey of healing and transformation. I am a better therapist to my clients, a better mother to my kids and a better human to myself because of it. I am so grateful our paths have crossed. Thank you.


Working with Dr. Julia Sen has helped me heal and grow tremendously. She has mastered the art of combining spirit with practicality creating a grounded and open space for self expression and exploration. This has made a profound difference for me as I've learned to navigate and understand my own perceptions of this dichotomy.