So excited to have interviewed the fabulous Emily Fletcher! Discover her amazing insights in the video below.

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Whole brain parenting

When my daughter was young, she was terrified of escalators. Terrified. I’d


Sleep and Revenge

We all know that research consistently points to sleep for good health,



“My passion for parenting led me to write and publish Too Tired to Parent? Take the C.A.R.  A simple hand-held course to transport you and your kids from chaos to calm. In it you will discover simple and effective techniques that will help you gain back your day so you can parent from a place of calm and understanding to raise resilient, kind, and successful people.”

Dr. Julia Sen

Praise for Too Tired to Parent?

Too Tired to Parent? is a parenting book that focuses primarily on the parent and is a much needed resource for us all! Dr. Sen has systematically helped parents identify through self-care, self-awareness and self-reflection, their own blind spots so that they can develop a better parenting style. The metaphor of a car is skillfully woven into the narrative and helps make the reading more accessible and understandable for all audiences. Too Tired to Parent? takes us through a step by step transformation to parent in ways that are best suited to our own child’s needs. A must read for all parents regardless of their child’s age.

Dr. Sadia Saleem, Psychologist and Mom of 2